Jan. 1st, 2015

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It is a new year, and the odds of any of this fic ever being finished properly are, if I am being honest, basically nil, so here! have some WIPs! Not included: the handful of stories I am even remotely likely to complete anytime soon.

1. Pick up Where You Left Off: MCU, Peggy/Steve time travel shenanigans. Written before Cap 2 hit theaters and way too throughly Jossed. Missing the chunk in the middle where the story goes, but I did figure out how it ended.

Peggy walks into Howard’s lab carrying a stack of files, but the room is empty. )

2. probably meant to be steve/bucky/nat, written pre-cap 2 and thus abandoned, but there were some lines I liked and should salvage for something else. hm.

Steve’s reckless. Always had been. )

3. Steve/Bucky in a Canadian shack. As you do.

It’s quiet here. )

4. Sam/Nat, possibly the one where they flirt with each other to embarrass Steve but then end up meaning it on accident? Not sure.

It’s for emergencies. Sam knows this. )

5. This was going to be a thing about Steve working behind the scenes so Bucky could safely come in from the cold.

Red Carpet Inn, Baltimore, MD )

6.The 2015 Howling Commando Family Reunion, which was definitely gonna get gate-crashed by supersoldiers who don't know how to talk about their feelings.

When Bethy pulled in to the parking lot at the campground, Friday morning, Jill was already waiting with a clipboard and a harried expression. )

7. Relatedly, a thing about times the Howling Commandos met up after the war.

None of the neighbors knew how they managed it, but the Moritas got their farm back after the war. )

8. MCU daemon AU, mostly Cap & Bucky. I got as far as figuring out what happened to Bucky's daemon (thankfully, nothing permanent) and figuring out most of the characters' daemons, and having done that sort of failed to write the actual story. Whoops?

fic bit & list of daemons )

There is also a Pushing Daisies thing I am saving for later because it's the only not-MCU WIP of any substance, and also because I still think I might figure out how to write a sex scene in the Jim Dale narrator voice eventually.
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 I wrote a Yuletide story! It is for the movie Belle, and it is called Fair Play, and it led me to spend several enjoyable hours looking at 18thc dolls on Pinterest.


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