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 So, Friday morning I got a call from CVS-- my anxiety meds script was out of refills, did I want them to fax my doctor for a new one? Yes please, I said. No problem, they said, you can pick it up anytime after Monday.

So I just got home from CVS, where the pharmacist told me they had never received a reply to the fax, which was sent sent FOUR full business days ago, and therefore they had no meds for me. I have not had a phone call from my doctor about this at any point, and neither have they.

I wish I could say this was shocking and out of character, but that would be total bullshit. I think the longest I've gone without experiencing a fuck-up of this magnitude was maaaaaaaybe four months. I can count on one hand the number of times anyone at the practice has returned a phone call after I've left them a message, and I have been given incorrect prescriptions (usually dosage or number of pills; they do at least generally write down the correct medication) on multiple occasions.

Tomorrow morning, I will be calling them to ask for 1) my goddamn script, and 2) a referral to a practice that had at least a moderate interest in actually providing mental health care. I have minimal confidence in getting either.

Does anyone have recommendations for DC-area mental health practicioners? BCBS a plus, proximity to Mount Rainier a delightful bonus but, at this point, not mandatory.
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