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steampunk bustle skirt

The shirt and vest are thrifted; the skirt is my recently-completed sewing project. It still needs an underskirt, and I'm not really sure what I want for that yet. But it's so pretty! And I made it all my very own self. No machine sewing, either.
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I made a bustle pad (basically an oversize bum roll) to go under my costume skirt and it looks SO MUCH BETTER now. I finally have the right silhouette! No wonder Victorian women wore so many goddamn undergarments.
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So I am apparently constitutionally incapably of following instructions when it comes to craft projects, because I started with this and ended up with this:

bustle skirt, mark 1

It's in two pieces-- the apron and the bustle are separate, and hook together. There are still some raw edges that need finishing, and I might redo the draping on the bustle, because it's a little uneven. But it was a good practice run for the fancy version, which I'm thinking about doing in blue-and-silver sari fabric.

What I learned while making it:

- The apron part needs to go farther around the waist, or it risks gapping at the edges. Since this will be worn by [personal profile] srevans, who is slimmer-hipped than me, it shouldn't be a problem, but when I make one for myself it needs a wider apron.
-Draping a bustle is goddamn difficult
-Broadcloth looks good for this sort of project, but is awfully hard to hand-sew. I may go with something thinner for my own and make up the difference in body with petticoats and a bumroll.


Aug. 19th, 2010 10:34 am
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Dragoncon costume #2 is ready! All I need to do is run some ribbon (or maybe elastic?) through the casing on the fake sleeves.

empty child costume

One costume left-- I already have an acceptable dress for Mrs. Peacock, so I just need to wait on the feather hairpiece from Etsy.
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AMCW cloak, finished! AMCW cloak, finished!

And then I took slightly blurry pictures of it!

It still needs hemming, but that's only another hour or so of work. Also, it totally matches my Renn Fair costume, too.

Question: is it worth it to embroider an AMCW logo on the back, or will that be enormously frustrating and time-consuming?
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done with painting! done with painting!

All I need to do now is line it, and, uh, assemble the entire rest of the costume. So no worries.


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