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Okay, Douglas Adams should *always* be script editor, because this was freaking delightful. Basically, Four and Romana wandered into the middle of Space Theseus and the Space Minotaur, and ended up saving a planet from being overrun by people in giant papier-maché bull heads. There was some epic costume design (apparently, they way they indicate rank on the planet Skonnos is by helmet fanciness and also shirt ruffles), and maybe the best Evil Scientist I've yet seen on this show, ever. I mean, he was basically Space Rasputin to start with, and that was before he started overenunciating and chewing scenery with abandon. His death scene was EPIC.

I also really enjoyed Space Theseus' plotline-- the poor kid's girlfriend was convinced he would defeat the Space Minotaur and rescue them all, and did not let reality stand in her way one bit. I mean, he helped save the day a little, but mostly it was Four and Romana. Actually, scratch that: mostly Romana. Romana freaking RULED in this serial.

Probably my favorite thing, though, was the dialogue, which to me seemed very heavily Adams-influenced, and the interaction between Four and Romana, which was just incredibly charming. The way they're both totally nonplussed by everything the universe throws at them, and make casual little remarks to each other about the big drama playing out in front of them-- it's really, really endearing.
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[personal profile] srevans came over last night for Who. We watched my very first Seventh Doctor serial, "Ghost Light," which, uh. Was different. Maybe it was that were were watching on a laptop, so that it was hard to hear what everyone was saying, but 90% of this serial made NO SENSE. The Doctor and Ace landed in a Victorian manor, where the housekeeper and staff were... robots? or something? and keeping something locked in the cellar, and there was a clergyman there to yell at Josiah, the guy in charge, about evolution for some reason, and also the manservant was a Neanderthal. I don't even know. There was a crazed Victorian adventurer wandering around. The guy in charge had a niece who at first seemed to have been duped by her "uncle" and later turned out to be evil. And then Elderly David Bowie (Who Glows) turned up. It was very confusing.

The plot (I think). )

Basically, it was kind of a mess. The pacing was really weird, there was some after-school special stuff going on with Making Ace Face Her Fears, and everything was really confusing. But there were some nice moments between Ace and the Doctor, some bits where Ace gets to be a badass, and some really great outfits-- I wish I had the sewing skills to cosplay the blue-and-white dress Ace wears for Part 3.
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I had such a busy weekend, it's taken me until Tuesday to do the writeup. Yeah, that's it. Not procrastination or anything.

Friday I babysat from 3 to 10, which meant I had enough money to splurge a bit at DC Big Flea the next morning. In addition to some old photos and a pin, I got two dresses-- a purple and white print dress with a cool button collar that I think I'll get a lot of wear out of, and a blue-and-green leaf print fancy dress that, alas, is a touch too big in the shoulders. If anyone with bigger shoulders than me is a size 8-10 and interested, let me know, because you can have it for $20.

Saturday night was the Max Levine Ensemble's 10-year anniversary show, which meant listening to cool bands at the Black Cat, seeing a ton of awesome people, and getting my feet stomped on when I ventured too close to the stage. Also, the line to get in was the second-coldest I have ever been in my life. But it was still really fun.

Sunday I went thrifting with [personal profile] ellen_fremedon, at the big thrift stores on University and in White Oak. I just got a couple of books-- I think I used up my clothes karma at Big Flea.

Sunday night [personal profile] srevans came over and we watched a bunch of Fifth Doctor. Boy, I love Five.

Black Orchid was awesome from a costume nerd perspective. )

We also watched Enlightenment, which was also full of fun costuming. )
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Truly, the most wonderful time of the year. In addition to two delightful Yuletide stories (more on that in a minute), I got to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special.

spoilers are the ghost of Christmas past )

Okay, so, Yuletide! I got two whole stories! The Times They Are A Changing, an awesome thinky Pleasantville story, and Nowhere Special, a sly, sweet little Blazing Saddles treat! Go read them, because they are awesome.
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So I got Netflix again; I had it a couple of years ago, but that was before they introduced streaming, and I canceled it because I wasn't using it enough.

Well, Netflix is *amazing,* you guys. I totally forgot! The streaming selection includes tons of old movies, which means I can watch Singing in the Rain whenever I want to, and believe me I do.

Here's some of what I've watched lately. See if you can spot any themes! (Hint: The theme is costumes. Well, costumes and unintentional hilarity.)

Cold Comfort Farm )

Strings )

Northanger Abbey )

Doctor Who: The Sea Devils )

I've also been rewatching a lot of Gene Kelly movies. Everyone, go see Anchors Aweigh; it is basically too cute for words.


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