Sep. 24th, 2014

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Trying to decide what I want my next comics project to be. There are kind of a lot of contenders, and I can really only do one at a time. Would very much appreciate opinions, as I am at the “but I want ALL of them, right now” stage and cannot narrow it down.

Option 1:
Adapt the YA novel I wrote some time ago into a comic.

Elevator pitch:
Teen girl reads too many fantasy novels, longs to be a sparkly special chosen fairy princess. Learns that magic is real and some people are, in fact, sparkly, special, etc; however, she is not one of them. Her bratty kid sister is, though. Also, magic is dangerous and adventures are scary. Kind of what you get if you put Un Lun Dun in a blender with Northanger Abbey, salted generously with Narnia. Kind of.

already know how the story plays out, have good sense of what the characters look like, not super long as the novel ran a bit short.

Cons: Still much longer than anything I’ve done, would need to write a proper script first and probably make a lot of changes, possibly a bit of a stretch for me drawing-ability-wise.

Option 2: Adapt a friend’s screenplay into a comic.

Elevator pitch:
Superhero story about what happens when you have superpowers that aren’t up to scratch for actual crime-fighting. (You do children’s parties, is what happens.)

Screenplay would be easier to turn into a comic script than a novel. Has majority-female cast, characters of color, queer characters. LOVE the concept, and feel like it’s actually something superhero comics haven’t done much of.

Long, again. Not my own concept, and while friend is interested in collaborating, have never actually drawn someone else’s script before. Several characters are clowns, and I am scared of clowns and do not want to draw them repeatedly.

Option 3:
Make a bunch of short comics about witches.

Elevator pitch:
Remember that post that went around recently, about two witches who both arrive to claim the same firstborn baby? I kind of tripped and fell and worked out character designs and names and some bits of plot for this. Basically it’s what happens when Molly Weasley and Maleficent have to co-parent; many Odd Couple shenanigans ensue.

Could do this as a bunch of short comics, rather than one long thing. Really adore the concept. Have worked out many, many jokes about the Maleficent-esque witch’s familiar, who was a cat before she turned him into a human and made him go to law school so he could handle her legal and financial affairs.

Not actually my own idea. Have nothing written yet, and not sure if idea will cohere into an actual, engaging story.

Option 4:
Put together anthology of short nonfiction comics about amazing women in history.

Elevator pitch:
Collection of 2-4 page comics about little-known but really really awesome women in history, each accompanied by a 1-page bio. Would feature Tumblr faves like Julie D’Aubigny; my personal wish list for this includes Hannah Senesh, Mary Bowser, Lucy Stone, and a few others. The friend I worked out the idea with suggested the title “Firebrand,” which I LOVE.

Relevant to my interests, would put my obsessive knowledge of historical costume to good use, have been wanting to do a Kickstarter-able project and this seems like a good candidate.

Collaborative projects take a ton of effort and energy, between rounding up contributors and nudging everyone til they send in their stuff and actually putting the book together and so on. While I pride myself on my cat-herding skills, not sure if this is achievable right now.

As I said, I am currently paralyzed by indecision and cannot choose. Thoughts and suggestions welcome. Anyone?
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This would probably also be a good time to note that you can buy digital copies of both the original comics I debuted at SPX, as well as the paper doll book I made. Available here!


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