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Current break-from-drawing activity: Writing about the Quill family’s sad yard sale and the aliens who unexpectedly crash it.

It is really annoying when the POV character can’t know another character’s name for most of the story. I feel like I’m writing Sentinel fanfic in 1996 or something. At least I haven’t had to resort to “the taller man,” “the blond,” or “the Mountie.”
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I'm doing DC Big Flea this weekend, which will be my first time as a vendor. Eep! Exciting, but scary. Right now I'm trying to figure out how I'm getting all my inventory out to Chantilly to get set up.

Actually, if anyone knows someone with a cargo van, minivan, or even a large SUV who'd like to make a bit of cash this weekend, could you pass them on to me? On Friday morning I need help loading, transport to the Dulles Expo Center, unloading, and then on Sunday evening I need the same in reverse.

I also would love to have company during the show itself, if anyone would like to come along or pay me a visit while I'm there. Let me know! I'm in booth 302 on Aisle E-- nearly to the end of the row, on the right.
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Apparently the stunt coordinator for Buffy S1-S4 has posted a shit-ton of his behind-the-scenes home video to Youtube. I am OVERCOME WITH FOND NOSTALGIA.

(also, remember when that dude had a super public meltdown on the Bronze? Also, remember the Bronze?)
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Have worked out a pretty thorough cast list with the babysitting charges (eta: and additional suggestions from [personal profile] ellen_fremedon), as follows:

Kermit as Valjean
Sam the Eagle as Javert
Miss Piggy as Fantine
Link Hogthrob as Tholomyes
Rolf as the Bishop
Janice as Sister Simplice
Sweetums as Fauchelevent
Statler and Waldorf as the Thenardiers
Robin as Gavroche
The Electric Mayhem as Thenardier's gang
Gonzo as Enjolras
Rizzo as Grantaire
Scooter as Combeferre
Fozzie as Courfeyrac
Beaker as Joly
Bunsen as Bossuet
Clifford as Bahorel
Beauregard as Feuilly
Pepe as Prouvaire
the Swedish Chef as M. Gillenormand
...with the token humans playing Cosette, Marius, and Eponine
(also Camilla is going by Patria for the duration)

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Trying to find new anxiety meds is no fucking fun. Relatedly, I basically have to write the last week or so off as a loss.

On the bright side, I managed to shower and get out of the house long enough to make a vintage-buying house call, and am now in possession of fifty-plus STUNNING 20s-50s summer dresses. Go me!

I have written the first thousand words of like eight different MCU stories and have stalled out on all of them. Dammit, brain.
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Having finished the Buffy zine right under the wire (woo!) I am now realizing that someone other then me should probably look all the finished zines over before they go to print tomorrow.

Anyone want an advance peek? I really just need you to check for typos and tell me if the formatting looks wonky on your computer.

Buffy, AtLA, and my solo zine need looking at right now; I also am going to TRY to eke out the needed Young Wizards pages and get it done by tonight.
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So, I am off work this week and going a bit stir-crazy at home. Anyone interested in an outing tomorrow, either to do touristy DC things or to see Cap 2 again or both?
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Had a conversation yesterday about how Sam Wilson and Maria Hill should be BFFs, because reasons )

Additionally, I have decided that I am cool with Natasha's spoiler )
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ghosts in the machine. 7k, Peggy/Steve/Bucky, Teen. CA:tWS spoilers. History, Peggy has learned, never tells the whole story.
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Had the day off work, made Good Life Choices and wrote a 7k Peggy Carter story that is chock-full of Winter Soldier spoilers. Anyone want to beta?
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hold me tight. 10k, Steve/Bucky, Mature. CA:tWS spoilers.
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Having seen it three times in four days (yeah, you heard me), I am having a LOT of thinky thoughts about Cap 2. I may manage to discuss them at length, at some point; right now, I mostly seem to want to write fic. But I am curious about spoilers )


Apr. 7th, 2014 08:58 pm
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Um, I appear to have written 10k of post-Winter Soldier Steve/Bucky in which they snuggle a lot? idk. Anyone willing to beta?
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So, today was pretty good. I went to Marshall's and they had a style of shoe that I bought three years ago, LOVED, wore to death, bought again when I managed to find them online, wore to death AGAIN, and despaired of ever finding a third time. I guess they re-issued them? WHO CARES WHY, they were $25 and I bought two pair.

And then I was walking back to my car and a bunch of people in Captain America t-shirts went past in the other direction, towards the movie theater. Some were carrying plastic shields. I stopped dead and said "Wait, is there an advance screening of Cap 2 tonight?"

And they said "Yeah! Want to come with us? We've got an extra ticket."

SO THAT WAS AWESOME. I am having a lot of feelings about Steve Rogers right now, y'all. A LOT. IT WAS REALLY MAGICAL, for a value of magical that involves huge explosions and terrible things happening to Bucky Barnes.

More tomorrow, when I am more awake. SUCH A GOOD DAY.
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(crossposted from tumblr.)

The deadline’s come and gone, and while there are a few pieces I’m still expecting in the next few days, I wanted to let everyone know where we stand, pagecount-wise, and what we still need. In order to be printable, the zines need to have a pagecount that’s a multiple of four, so here’s what we’ve got and what we need to reach that goal:

Chosen Ones (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is the shortest on content, unfortunately. I’m expecting a few more pages of essay, but right now we only have six pages, with only one piece of fanart. If we don’t get at least ten more pages, I’m going to have to postpone this zine until DC Zinefest in July.

The Avatar Cycle (Avatar: The Last Airbender) is looking a lot better, fortunately! We’re currently at seventeen pages. There’s plenty of art, and a few more things expected, but I could use a few short one-page text pieces to fill gaps as needed.

Concordance (Young Wizards) is currently at eleven pages. We need five more pages of content to have a complete zine. I’m reasonably confident that we can reach that goal.

Infinite Unknowns (Star Trek) is at 22 pages, which means I need to either add two pages or cut two (which I obviously don’t want to do). I do have some more content expected, so I’m not super worried. That said, I would still welcome anything covering TNG or Voyager, as everything I’ve got is for TOS, AOS, or DS9. (If the spirit moves you to make Enterprise fanwork, go for it? I guess?)

I am, at this point, opening up every zine except Infinite Unknowns to previously published content. If you have meta, fic or fanart that you think would be a good fit, feel free to send it along.

The zines have to go to the printer by April 16, but any content I receive before then can still make it in. If you think you can get something done by then, please let me know!


Mar. 31st, 2014 11:20 pm
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I am super proud of myself for finishing this before Winter Soldier comes out.

persistence of memory

Steve/Bucky/Natasha, explicit.
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If anyone wants to join me for lunch at Woodlands tomorrow, and needs a ride, I'll be picking people up from Takoma Park at noon, then heading over.
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I haven't been to Woodlands in ages, and their lunch buffet is especially good on the weekends. Anyone want to join me on Saturday at, say, 12:30, for large piles of delicious vegetarian Indian food?
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Starting to get contributions for the Brooklyn Zinefest fanzines, and it looks like I'm going to be okay for fanart. Text, on the other hand, is thin on the ground. I am a bit worried.

If anyone is willing to write even 250 words of meta or fic for Buffy, AtLA, Young Wizards or Star Trek, it would be a huge help. Things like lists, craft instructions, fanmixes, and other miscellanea are also welcome. There's a 1000-word max, so this does not have to be long. I just need more than I've got to make these zines happen.

Signal boosting much appreciated, if you know anyone in any of those four fandoms. Thanks, y'all.
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